How to Make a Cyworld account (for foreigners) —NOT YET FINISHED REVISING

May 24, 2011 at 2:55 pm | Posted in Cyworld, Tutorials | 94 Comments
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Things to remember when creating a cyworld account:

1. You must use Internet Explorer.Cyworld can only be accessed fully with this browser.
2. Double check everything you input during the registration especially with the name and gender.You can change the name but I,myself is having a hard time to do so.And for the gender,it CAN’T be changed.
3. Don’t skip any step.You will need all of it.

What you will need:

1. Cellphone.
2. A scanned I.D.Can be driver’s licence,school I.D. or Passport or any I.D. that has your name,birthday,and gender for verification.Don’t worry if you don’t have a scanner.You can take a picture of your I.D. and upload it.But it needs to be HQ.
3. Patience.Hey.I tried like 10 times before I successfully made my account.


1. Go to

2. Click the box as indicated in the screen cap. *just ignore the one in the red box.

3. Click the 3rd one.It’s for foreigners.

4. Type in your name.Then click the red box at the right side of it.
Note: Name should be capitalized and gender can’t be changed later so be careful.

○ A pop-out box will appear.Type in the needed information.Check the screencap for the translation.

○ The pop-out box will disappear and click the red button next to where you inserted your name earlier.
○ NOTE: If another pop-out box appears and it says 유효하지 않은 이름입니다 It means that the name is not valid.

5. Here,you need to check all the boxes.There are 3 boxes.Make sure you check all.Then click the box at the bottom.

6. You will be directed to another form.But ignore that because that’s for Korean citizens.Just click the on pointed link in the screen cap.

7. Here’s the form for foreigners.This is the hardest part according to others.But if you pay attention,you will get it right.
○ In the first one,find your country’s phone area code number.It’s already in the Philippines.So it’s 63.I don’t know for other countries but you should know that thing cause your a citizen in it. xD
○ For the second one,it’s for the phone number.In the first input box,you need to put 3 digits.And slso for the 2nd one.For the 3rd one,you need 4 digits.For the Philippines,you remove 0.I put 927-xxx-xxxx in mine.Then click the box on it’s right side.Click it only once.Make sure you have your phone with you.After few seconds a pop-up will appear and click.Then wait for the message.Then type the number to the last box.Then click the red box.A pop-up will appear again and just click it.It just say’s that the code is correct.(if it’s really correct)
NOTE: If you don’t get the message when you click for the number,just click it again after a minute.Then you will receive the message.BE CAREFUL WITH THE CODE.YOU CAN ONLY TRY 3 TIMES.

8. It’s the final form.Just fill it up according to the screen cap.Don’t be confused in the ID.It’s the one you will use for logging-in.In the e-mail.You need to put your e-mail account then click the box at the right part.Its for another verification.Open your email after this.Then click the final box.

9. It will take you to some ads or whatever.Just click on the red boxthat says 학인. *I don’t have a screen cap cause I don’t want to make another account.

CONGRATULATIONS FOR THOSE WHO SUCCESSFULLY MADE AN ACCOUNT! For those who didn’t just try again.Like what I said in the first part.PATIENCE.
Don’t forget to add me guys.My cyworld is
For questions just comment ^^




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  2. How do I sign up in 2017?! It doesn’t seem to allow foreigners to sign up anymore TT_TT

  3. ^^

  4. Hi

  5. I like it

  6. how to log into :/ I made nate but I don’t know how to log into cyworld ><

  7. Hey urm..How do we log in?

  8. cycamera

  9. Hello, the whole thing is going perfectly here and ofcourse
    every one is sharing information, that’s really good, keep up writing.

  10. As the admin of this website is working, no uncertainty very quickly it will be renowned, due to its feature contents.

  11. hi! I just go to that web,when I go to make a new member the boxes after that is different from your tutorial…can you help me…I hope you can help me… THANK YOU!!!

  12. hi! I really really tried to si6nup on cyworld.buT until n0w i d0n’t any account.and als0 i tried to si6nup on global cy.bUt eveytimE i si6nup global cy said resend.if d0n’t mine can u make me a cy.acc0unt.^^ tnx. i wilL change nlang the passw0rd.

  13. when i write my password ******* in the last form, there’s notif that i cant use it.. i try use alphbt but cannot, then i try use alphabt and number also cannot -___- help me 🙂

  14. can u help me? :/ i need to delete some friends how? use cyworld app or web thanks i hope u will know!

  15. the problem is the phone number, my phone number it has 12 number

  16. Hey first of all THANK U VERY MUCH! ❤ ❤
    It's a nice tutorial 🙂

    My problem is the step 8.. I've done everything right,but it keeps on telling me something about my password. I think it's not valid or they want something else..I really dunno.. could u please help me ? 🙂

  17. Hello!
    I have a problem with step 7. I’m from norway, so my country code is: 47.
    My phone number is 9**02**8. I wrote it that way: 479 – **0 – 2**8 and i didnt recive a message. This is driving me crazy! what to do? 😦

    • Hi ! I have the exact same problem but I’ve just solved it. I’m from Singapore, country code 65, and my phone number is also 8 digits.
      You just need to fill in the 8 digits in this way:
      First box: 2 digits
      Second box: 3 digits
      Third box: 3digits
      Hope it helps 😀

      • hi

  18. i don’t receive any sms,
    anyone can help me??

  19. Hi. Thank you so much for this tutorial.
    I am up to step 7. I have to correct numbers and everything but when I click the red box a pop up appears and I click OK it doesn’t take me anywhere. I just keep clicking the red box then OK and still nothing ever happens…

  20. sorry,my problem is to step 7 . no 8 ,i cant go to step 8 ^^

  21. Hy,i have problem to the step 8. i wrote correct my phone number,and i received messaje text. i introduced correct the text,and when i wannt go to next step appear a problem: 인증번호 전송 진행중입니다. i cant go to next step.why ? 😦

  22. thanks for your amazing tutorial :3 I tried it and i’m successed!

    hey.. feel free to visit my personal homepage..
    and i love Heechul too ❤
    Thanks so much !

  23. Hi! First of all I need to say thx for your help cause I registered an account by reading your tutorials. For thanking your help I want to add you as a friend at cyworld. But once I open any page of cyworld included yours it came out something that full of Hanguk that I can’t read. I’m using Safari and I screencap it, here’s the link:

  24. Hi! my country number only have 8numbers but they are asking me to put xxxx-xxxx-xxxx …. what should I do…

  25. I didnt receive any SMS ._______.

  26. worldwide version of Cyworld is open. English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese.

  27. it keep asking me for passport number??? what shoould i do????

    • it keeps asking me for passport number too .___.

      • You can make a cyworld account at without passport number.

  28. it keep asking for my passport number,, =what should i do???

  29. lol,, it keep asking me for passport number??,, what should i do…right on the part4

  30. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m now in cyworld. 🙂

  31. Hi, first of all, thanks a lot for sharing this with us! Really!

    But I have a big problem here… in Spain, our number is +34
    and I chose it (where it says to choose your country code)
    and then, where the three blank boxes I have to put 3 digits, other 3 digits and 4…
    but Spanish numbers only have 9 digits! like… (for instance) 680566098…
    So I don’t know what to do… :S Would you mind to help me, please? 🙂 Thanks in advance!

    • I am Indonesian so I can put 4, 4, 4 :)) nah u can put 3 3 3

  32. hi idk why.. but it keeps on rejecting my name ;__;

    • i had to google how to do this because of so many failed attempts, and saw this. put in my name, but it still didn’t get past that point. i finally managed to get my name through in all capital letters -_- hope it helps

      • oh there. it worked for me!!! 🙂 THANKS A LOT! ^o^)b

  33. I have a problem… I am from lithuania and here phone numbers is 86 *** **** or +3706 *** ****, What should I doooo????? ><

  34. im sorry but i dont know how to add people..what should i do..?

  35. I have my account now! Thank you very much for this! really helpful!

  36. I don’t know why but it’s not accepting my name at all. Help?

    • Just let me finish my tutorial first.Then i’ll answer back again ^^

  37. alright one more I have gotten to the terms and policies but there is nothing to click. why is that and what can I possibly do to fix it? I still dont know how I got passed the little red box. I clicked the [여기] button but nothing happenes.

    • Just wait.They changed the registration steps again.I will make a new tutorial. ^^

  38. when I get to step 3 it only has one red box that tranlates to name, but when I apply name both korean or English nothing happens…why?

    • how did you fix that?

    • Oh.It looks like they changed the registration again.I will revise the tutorial.
      Can you wait until this afternoon?

  39. omg~ thank you so much ❤ ❤ ❤
    I've been trying forever to get on! 😀
    now I've finally got an account! ❤ thank you!! ^^~~~

    • oh! that’s good news ^^ have you added me yet?


  40. Teşekkürler.(Thanks) “ertan87” i nate / Turkey

    • have you successfully made an account? ^^

  41. First thing: tanks for the tutorial. I love you! ♥
    But, i’ve a problem, i click on the red button of the last picture and it apparead a window with something in korean, then it returns on the first page (pic 2). It is normal? Anyway, I insert the data to log in but it doesn’t work, it says that my password or e-mail is wrong. But… It isn’t like that!
    What shoul I do?

    • i love you too ><
      try adding 2 numbers to your password.
      did you click the button at the right side of the e-mail address?you need to verify that too..

  42. Heyy I got all the way to the last step and confirmed and everything but when i click the final box it shows a message and takes me back to the register screen D:

    • try changing the password you typed.try putting 2 numbers.

  43. Hi^^;; I just want to ask you two things>< Will msn work as an e-mail? TT
    And do I really need to put there an ID or something? :c 'cause Idk if I have one…
    Thank you<3!!

    • Please don’t mind about The ID, I’ve now read when I have to put it ><!! But what about the messenger? Will it work or I need to make an e-mail?
      Thank you beforehand~ ^^;;

      • the messenger is another need to download nateon messenger.and you can use your account in nate/cyworld.but it’s kinda boring if you don’t have friends to chat with.i downloaded it a long time ago then I uninstalled it.. ><

  44. hi after i registered my cyworld and clicked on the final box what happends next? do i have to check my email and have a confirmation? or do i just log in – cause my address is when i registered , and when i log in with my password it will say its incorrect , i checked my email but i got no verification , can u help me?>

    • you can now log-in ^^
      when you log in.go to
      then just type xxxxxxxxxxjosh
      then your password.
      nevermind the because there is already one stated

      • ok so i saw the problem , nate/cyworld said i was too young ._. i tried registering again , and this pops out

        and when i do get cyworld can i change the whole page to english through there settings? are there english ppl there too? D:

        • ahh.try changing the password.I had to have to numbers with can only change the tabs in your minihompi to english.yes there are also English people there.There should be some clubs inviting you to join them then you can meet some there ^^

  45. sorry to bother you, but it’s the same problem every where they added something , it won’t show me the rules boxes to check them , it show me this >

    i don’t know what is it, it doesn’t tell in any tutorial TT^TT

    and it ask for pasport no# too !!! please help , they changed something since people posted the tutorials, it’s the same problem in all of them, so please can you look in the site it self so you can see what i mean, i used IE browser as u said, but i get stuck at step 4 !!

    thank you so much O3O~

    • you have to click the one that says [여기] located at the upper right.It actually means click this.That is for foreigners.

  46. 감사합니다~ ^-^

  47. Please tell me why it keep pop up this

    • i think it’s asking you to change your password

      • After I changed my password, it keep appearing T_T

        • just leave the page then go to .it appears to me too.then i just ignored it then it was gone

  48. thx a lot,,this is help me so much

    and now i already cywold accout^^

    • oh that’s good to hear! ^^
      come visit mine sometimes ^^

  49. Thank you very much for the tutorials! It helped me a lot, but I got some troubles 😦
    My phone number is 08xx-xxxx-xxxx
    But you said erased to 0 one, and I did.
    But (You might think I’m stupid, yes because I am) I don’t know how to put my numbers.
    If the 0 get erased, it’ll be 8xx-xxx-xxxxx (Because you said, each box got 3, 3, and 4 digits)
    BUT, I have 11 digits number! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
    What should I do? (;_;)

    • Oh, I can do this one. Sorry for disturbing -__-
      But I got another problem D:
      I don’t get the verification e-mail 😦
      I’ve click the box next the e-mail box like hundred times, but then I go to my e-mail, and there’s NOTHING 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

      • what is your email address?because you have to choose from one of the types of e-mail there.did you??

  50. I put my phone number correctly 1 for america, 509-xxx-xxxx but never got a text even after clicking it several times or reloading the page and entering it all in again…

    • It’s correct just click it one time.then a box will appear,just click it.then you will receive the message

  51. Will my college ID card work?

    • If it has your birthday,gender and name then yes.If not,you can photoshop it ^^

  52. Thanks for your tutorial 😀

    hi, I’m from Indonesia so I put 62 and my number 62xxx-xxxx-xxx3 but, in my country 62 can replace with 0 .
    so, I try to use number 0 but, I didn’t got message and if I use number 62 the last number 3 is can’t to use!
    I’m confused what I have to do about this ! Just, 1 step final I can make account but, I can’t pass for this step 😦

    can you help me ?

    • you will no longer put 0.if ur number is for example 0xxx-xxx-xxx,you will remove 0 then just put xxx-xxx-xxxx ^^

  53. Hi, it told me to put my number, and i’m from Singapore, so i put 658-xxx-xxxx ! But i didn’t get a sms! Did i put in wrongly?):

    • hmm.i think it’s correct.if you don’t receive a txt for more than 5 minutes,just click it again.i got the SMS when I clicked it twice.

      • But I click more than 3 times alrdy. Still, I havent receive any msg ><

        • omo.maybe the country code is wrong or the number itself is wrong…

  54. hahaha~
    i’ve tried this, but there was no call… 😦
    can you help me with this?

    • in this tutorial,there will be no call.It will be an SMS. ^^

  55. hello dear thanks for this information but when i get the last step its not working what can i do ???after i confirm the email number then i click on the red box a message appear said that the email must be confirm ..but i already what can i do please help me T.T


    • because you also need to confirm the email.go to your e-mail account then get the number they sent the box beside the e-mail address you put and a pop-up box will appear .put the number there then need to do that before clicking the final box ^^

  56. THANK YOU VERY MUCCHH!!!! Im a stranger hahaha but this was very very helpful!!!!!

    • your welcome ^^
      have you made one?

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